Sandy Denny Bootlegs-Nixed CDs

From: Koen Hottentot, January 1, 1998

NIX001 Richard & Linda Thompson - Rafferty's Folly: This is the original Gerry Rafferty-produced Shoot Out The Lights from 1980, notably different from the released version - a must have really. I believe this is also on another bootleg CD which name escapes me. Bonus tracks are 2 June 1980 demos recorded at Woodworm (Lucky In Life and How Many Times) and 4 tracks with Fairport in 1981 (Granada TV show). Very well produced including sleeve notes.

NIX002 Sandy Denny - One Last Sad Refrain: This contains Sandy's last concert - but why bother with this one - it's available as the Attick Tracks 3, the proceeds of which go to a much worthier cause than where your money would have gone to if you buy this CD. And the cassette has 1966 demos as well... buy that one instead! The CD does contain Sandy's 4 songs from the Swedish Fly Girls soundtrack (1972) as a bonus, but frankly they are not that special.

NIX003 Fairport Convention - A Chronicle Of Sorts 1967-69: Containing Fairport BBC sessions from this period, half has Judy, the other half Sandy, sound quality not too fantastic but this is a piece of History really.

NIX004 Richard Thompson - Nocturnal Emissions (Live Broadcasts & Demos 1980-2): BBC TV appearances from 1980/81: Not very good sound quality really, in fact my own audio tape is better. Augmented by 4 nice Sugarhill Records demos recorded when RT was shopping for a label in 1982, plus another 1980 session.

NIX005 (any info on this?)

NIX006 Sandy Denny - Dark The Night: Unreleased demos and BBC sessions 1966-72: Some of these are I believe on the deleted official BBC sessions CD, though not all. Man Of Iron and Here In Silence are on this as well, in a very good sound quality. The CD's all look fantastic, some thought has gone into designing these things; but there are some disturbing mistakes, like the constant misspelling of Simon's name as Nichol and a pic of the Strawbs on NIX006 while they are not on the CD at all.
NIX004 is not really worth your money and NIX002 is a rip off of the Attick Tracks 3, but the others are definetely worth finding. I don't know where to get them - look at record fairs; the Fairport and Sandy ones I spotted various times at normal CD prices. I just read (millenium omens!) that a total sun eclipse during the daytime is due for some time in August 1999. Wouldn't it be pretty nice if this would be during Cropredy - and have George Harrison as a special guest singing Here Comes The Sun when the eclipse nears its end? Dream on...

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