Brian Maxine, "Ribbon of Stainless Steele", An Obscure Sandy Denny Session

From: Martin Jonas, 12 Aug 1998

Brian Maxine was a professional wrestler in the UK whose recording career was entirely on the back of his wrestling fame and, it is safe to say, not caused by any particular musical talent. "Ribbon of Stainless Steel" has not been released on CD and I wouldn't think it ever will be -- more of a curio than a musical must. As far as I can see it's mostly cover versions of standard country and bar rock songs, aimed at the UK trucker market. That said, somehow the Fairport gang got friendly with him and apart from Sandy, several of the others are also featured on this album. As I said, the album is not available at the moment. However, Brian Maxine was invited as a guest to Cropredy 82 and you can see him singing one of the songs from the album Six Days On The Road, backed by Fairport and guests, on the official video available from Musicfolk. Somewhat disconcertingly, there's a woman dancing on stage in the video looking very much like Sandy. I don't know who she is, but it's a bit eerie.

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