Magnus Kjartansson, "Clockworking Cosmic Spirits"

From: Levent Varlik, Feb 18, 2008

Clockworking Cosmic Spirits by Magnus Kjartansson, an Islander musician, features Sandy Denny & Linda Thompson on backing vocals.

MM Records MM1 1973 (it's probably a private release, like many icelandics are), made in England by Lyntone Records LTD LYN 2718.

The tracks are:

1: Helga
2: Clockworkin' Cosmic Spirits
3: Easy Way Out
4: Pull The Trigger
5: My Sweet Little Lady Friend
6: Stay With Me
7: Pollution
8: I Did'nt Know
9: I Know It's True
10:The Instruments Must Take Over

It's not listed where they are singing back up.
There are backing vocals on tracks 1-2-3-4-5-7-8

The Group:
MAGGI, Magnus Kjartansson: Keyboard, singer
Finnbogi Kjartansson: Bass
Vignir Bergman: Guitar
Hròlfur Gunnarsson: Drums

Guest musicans:
John Mitchell: Synthesisser
Steve Gregory: Sax
Sandy Denny: Backing Vocals
Linda Thompson: Backing Vocals
Producer: Maggi (Magnus Kjartansson)
Cutting: Apple Studios
Magnus Kjartansson came from the group TRUBROT, and this group + Maggi became JUDAS in 1975."

Pics and info obtained by Arne Rasmussen. Thanks to Arne..

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