Pre-Fotheringay Band: Poet and the One Man Band

From: Olivier Le-Dour, 25 November 1997

A couple of years ago, See for Miles records has issued a CD By Head, Hands & Feet, called 'Home from Home- The Missing album'. The Compiler claims it is a long-shelved, never-issued album of 1968 by Head, Hands & Feet, but if you pay attention to the Line Up: Tony Colton, Albert Lee, Pat Donaldson, Ray Smith, Pete Gavin, Mike O_Neill and Jerry Donahue, you realise it is not an early Head Hands & Feet, but actually a Poet & the One man Band album.

Poet and the One Man Band was Donaldson & Donahue (& Albert Lee)_s Pre-Fotheringay Band. They made an album on the Paramount Label in the sixties,which has its good moments. Pete Frame writes that the label folded right after that. This might be the reason why these recordings were not released before 95. Poet & the O.M.B. became Head, H & F when Donaldson & initially Albert Lee, then Donahue left to start Fotheringay with Sandy, Trevor & Gerry Conway.

BTW, Donahue & Donaldson also recorded for Johnny Halliday, during the late 6Os. Born in Belgium, Halliday was (& still is, although older than Mick Jagger) the incarnation of French Rock Music, even if (Like, e.g. Peter Maffay in Germany) he is not an exportable product at all. Johnny Halliday used to have his recording sessions in London at the time. Among others session (& stage) musicians, were Mick Jones (later of Foreigner, not Clash), and even Hendrix is rumoured to have played on Halliday_s cover of Hey Joe.I cannot give you a detailed list of these albums, not being a big fan of Johnny Halliday (to put it mildly).

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