David Bailey, The Phographer On The "Sandy" Album

From: Christopher Dolmetsch, 7 May 1998

David Bailey did very traditional photo shoots with the fashion models (Twiggy) and rock'n rollers of the Sixties and Early Seventies (there was a nice folio-size book of his stuff published once; wish I had bought it at the time, but it was selling for about $60 as I recall). He would get his subjects made-up as he wanted them to appear and then run through about four or five rolls of film in no time with auto-wind. Bailey was the model photographer for the character David Hemmings played in the Antonioni film "Blow Up" (1966). His photos graced many an album cover (see DECCA: Rolling Stones, Rolling Stones II, Out Of Our Heads [US and UK], and For Collectors Only [GER]). He always used soft focus, and filters to obtain a pastel glow. I always thought Sandy was fairly plain and ordinary in appearance until I saw Bailey's gorgeous photos of her all made up and with flowing hair (achieved by using a fan!).

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