Nick Drake and Fairport Convention

From: James Blatchley, July 25, 2007

Nick Drake opened for Fairport Convention at the legendary Queen Elizabeth Hall, London concert in 1969 where Fairport priemered the Liege & Lief material. Joe Boyd said it was by far the greatest gig that Nick Drake ever did. However, he only did half of it before suddenly running off stage and out of the theatre!

If you listen to Chorley Folk every Sunday between 3 and 6pm GMT then you will ocasionally hear Nick Drake and Fairport Convention and Fotheringay and Sandy Denny etc etc.

I can't wait for Cropredy this year. I hope all the water has drained away before then. Oxford and Banbury were both completely underwater earlier this week.
From: No’am Newman, July 26, 2007

As for Sandy and Nick, Fotheringay did a short tour of Britain in March 1970, supported by John and Beverly Martin, along with Nick Drake. I saw them in Bristol on 22 March, but unfortunately remember nothing about the concert. I remember even if Nick played, although I recently read in one of the websites devoted to him that he did.

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