Sandy's LP Collection

From: Miranda Ward, April 25, 2008

"Hey Miranda, I do admit that this is a somewhat "anorak" question, but I've always been intrigued to know what LP's Sandy had in her collection. Being such a close pal, could you possibly spill the beans for us fans out there if you recall? Cheers! Jamie"

This one has had me scratching my head trying to remember! I know there was a period when it was The Band non stop! Also she would play Big Brother, Captain Beefheart and blues stuff I had. I also remember vividly the horror she expressed when she realised that I had no Billie Holiday! we went to the library and took some out and started er er er...

She also left me a note that she wanted me to hear this brilliant album, and then forgot to leave the album! Brought back next visit -Andy Fairweather Lowe- wide eyed and legless era.

At Chipsead st there was a seperate music room where the albums and hi fi was whilst the piano was in the sitting room which is where we would hang out, usually far too busy talking hind legs of donkeys! And making endless mugs of tea which we left to "stew" a bit as we both liked strong... But then forgot and made fresh mugs until all the mugs used up!

I have more memories, as mentioned above, of what she would make a beeline for in my place. Little Feat she loved. Alan Toussaint, Dr John, Jo Mama, Eagles, Buffaloe Springfield (cos then blown away when gigged with Loggins & Messina), Stills and Young, obviously Alabama State Troopers Then all the oldies like Ricky Nelson and Everley Bros! I did not have a large "folk" type lot.

Obviously the Dylan albums played a far bit plus we often had sing songs of his stuff and golden oldies like Buddy Holly. Carole King and James Taylor -she also enjoyed the albums of Kate, Liv and Alex which I had. Tom Rush. A preponderance of blues type stuff with the inevitable Chuck Berry thrown in and Bo Diddley! Byrds! Firefall.

I will try an post if any more spring to mind! They are bound to once this is posted! images of sleeves are crowding my mind and I may well have left some obvious ones out. We had a good few overlaps in our collections but then latterly she and Trevor's were a combined collection. Country Joe & The Fish. 

Come to think of it there were quite a few West Coast and SF based bands!

I will ask Bambi too when I next speak to her!

Sandy also listened to more classical than I did back then. Oh and some early Paul Robeson which my father had -but that would have been listened to with them on the whole Moira Lympany (spelling?)

From: Miranda Ward, April 26, 2008

If anyone wants to post names of albums or artists that they think are "missing" then feel free! Whether I will remember or not is quite another matter!

And to whom ever asked -I did not feel at all that it was an "anorak" question! But then I find that music often comes up in sense of talking about "back then" and who one liked!

I can remember one particular time, vividly, listening to "River Deep Mountain High" and ending up playing repeatedly to transcribe lyrics so that we could sing it together right through.... Then Trevor returned and diecided that it would be great converted to country -I went and did another lyric sheet not realising that he could not read -but he could play the thing and get the timing right-. I so wish Sand had recorded as a "country" rock song it was amazing! But then Trevor started to change it into a "work" type thing and over doing it so it would have been way ott production wise methinks -anyway we got pissed off and went out! Most probably shopping- junk shops!

But obviously we had moved to the music room to play the Turner track!

The Alabama State Troopers album was given to me by Don Nix and it also included Furry Lewis -an old black blues player whom Don found cleaning public toilets in Memphis and resserected his career- Wayne Perkins learnt a lot his blues style from Furry, who, on that tour sat on side of stage on rocking chair and joined in when he felt like it but otherwise left Wayne to cover!! Wayne of course had left Muscle Shoals and come to UK with Smith Perkins and Smith who Blackwell had just signed up.

Steve Smith then moved on to do A&R at Island -he is now out of r n r and an internatonal banker! Isaac is now living in India somewhere having sold the Hard Rock Franchise (cleaning up) and most of the Blues Room franchise too!! Don Nix was staying at Isaac's in Kensington - which, I think, is how I met him and Wayne used to hang out there a lot! Wayne was one of the guys we talked about trying to find for the first solo Sandy Denny album without Trevor Lucas! Wayne Perkins was at the Troubadour in spirit! we talked the day before and then after I got home that night.

Come to that Sandy liked the Don Nix too and I seem to remember doing a cassette for the car for her!! TL did not 'approve' of the music I loved working its way into Sandy's psychie!! It was ok if he turned her on to it though!! He thought I was a "bad" influence! Even to the extent of eing a "no show" to see Cass' show at The Paladium. Could have been embarrassing but my "date" was also a no show so the three of us went out and had a great night bitching and kwatching about men! I just wish more people had heard Sand and Cass singing together! That was magical -hell forgot to put Mamas & Papas on that list!

Should have added to last albums post too -it is for reading here and not for replicating anywhere else! To be rgarded as "private" letter to those on this list and reading posts at this time only - ok? You can replicate after I am dead and gone if I do not get my biog finished and published! Lol If latter happens most will be in there anyway!

From: Henk Vasmel, April 26, 2008

Dear Miranda,

You ask for artist we think are missing. There's one I even know is missing: Joni Mitchell. If I remember correctly, Linda Thompson spoke briefly about Blue last Sunday, and it features in "Makes Me Think Of You" as well. Tell me more, please. Regards.

From: Miranda Ward, April 26, 2008

No I did not forget in fact. I was trying to remember. Sandy and Trevor must have had Joni's stuff and I too had some. I jusat have no memories of S and I listening to Joni together as a conscious action if you see what I mean!

I always tended to think of Joni's music being rather "grown-up" and thus rather daunting -the music not the person- as I had met her very early on, back in the 60's at Jo Bergman's flat, on what, I seem to remember, was possibly her first visit over here -our paths then crossed again over time on equally memorable occasions. I do remember that we "lost" Sandy somehwere along the line as we all then went down to Ronnie Scott's to meet up with her (Tom Scott's LA Express was playing there and she was just there in private capacity) I can remember her, I think, coming in but then not sitting at the table with Joni and then loosing track of her -but it had been a bizarre evening anyway as Neil had been trying to persuade Bert to play by kick starting it himself and Bert kept refusing and telling Neil he was doing fine! I always assumed that Sandy and Bert split together -and I should have added both Bert's stuff to the list and Lindisfarne. I cannot even remember if they knew each other at all well or if they 'met' that night. Obviously, they were both very aware of each other's credentials. Ohh another one: Blood Sweat and Tears and also Chicago. Peter Cetera was a big Sand fan! And I mean big time fan -as is Don Henley! But I mentioned the Eagles already did I not?

It was a pretty amazing evening that got sidetracked by Neil wanting to hook up with Sand and me not having a clue where Sandy was and then going to see some friends briefly (before going on down to Ronnie Scott's) and finding Sandy there. Thus arriving, pretty late, at Ronnie's.


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