Deluxe Reissues

From: Doug, "ldb_2" , May 28-29, 2012

I just finished listening to the new 2CD reissues of Sandy's solo LPs. I had been uncertain about exactly what was new on these discs; here's a summary:

Disc 1, Track 14: "The Lady (band version)". This is a completely new take with band. perhaps newly discovered?

Disc 2, Tracks 11-18: "Live, Ebetts Field, Denver, April 1973". Circulating already, in roughly equivalent quality. some edits are present on the official version, although usually not affecting the music. I noticed one exception to this at the start of the first song ("Late November"): A portion of a measure is removed during the piano intro that makes the cadence clearly wrong. I hope there aren't too many other instances of similar editing.

Like An Old Fashioned Waltz:
Disc 2, Track 12: "Whispering Grass (Dutch TV, 1973?)". Off-air recording, but decent quality. Nice to have another version of this one.

Disc 1, Track 11: "By the Time It Gets Dark". Alternate mix of the version on "Boxful of Treasures" and the big box, here without Jew's harp (if that's what it is) and without count-in.

Disc 1, Track 13: "Easy to Slip". Longer alternate mix with maracas.

Disc 1, Track 14: "Losing Game (with Jess Roden)". The big box has a mono mix. this is a stereo mix, with some added instrumental parts.

Disc 2, Tracks 1-4: "No More Sad Refrains", "Full Moon", "One Way Donkey Ride", "I'm a Dreamer". The box for some reason has mono mixes of these four demos. This is corrected here with stereo mixes.

Disc 2, Track 9: "Take Me Away". The notes call this an alternate take but technically it's a longer alternate mix. It includes an instrumental intro and a concluding instrumental section that were omitted on the album mix. It also has a different vocal by Sandy, and no backing vocals. But it's the same backing track, thus an alternate mix.

Overall, not the greatest plenty of new tracks. But many others appear here that are only otherwise available on the big box, so someone lacking that will get quite a bit more.

North Star Grassman and the Ravens:
Disc 2, Track 5: "Lord Bateman". The North Star contains that interesting and frustrating instrumental take of Lord Bateman, which has appeared nowhere else to date. Other than that, all other tracks have also appeared on other releases, although a handful have their only other appearance on the big box.

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