The Original Sandy Denny

From: ENettle, 21 Mar 1998

As stated, it is selections from the 1960's Alex Campbell & Friends lps. The Sandy Denny sung trax from the 1960's Alex Campbell lps were re-issued in 1977 as "The Original Sandy Denny" lp. This 1977 re-issue appeared in two forms, 1) the UK version on Mooncrest and 2) the German version on Nova. These two lps are different in that "Ramblin Boy" only appears on the Mooncrest version along with "So Long" being sung by Campblell with Denny as back-up. The Nova version did not have "Ramblin Boy" but did have "So Long" sung by Denny with Campbell on back up. Obviously as a Denny fan the her version of "So Long" is far superior and the more desirable of the two. The "Original Sandy Denny" cd is a terribly made copy of a scratched version of the Mooncrest version, with "So Long" being sung by Campbell. It wasn't recorded live, there is so much "popcorn noise" from the bad lp they used it sounds almost like audiance noise.

For me, I had the Nova version which gave me the best "So Long", but I had to get "Ramblin' Boy" from the scratchy CD. always taped my lps onto Reel to Reel and listened mostly off cassette copies, therefore my Nova lp was in perfect shape. When DAT came out, I re-taped my collection onto DAT which serves as my master. I listen to my extremely clean version of "The Original Sandy Denny" material now off mini-disc with "Ramblin' Boy" added.

Some cd company should redo this CD with all the material, from clean sources. My lp copies sound infinatly better than this CD. Incidently, the Sandy w/ Strawbs cd is better heard from the UK Pickwick lp. This lp does not have the strings on certain tracks, which I find distracting. I'd rather hear Sandy sing than listen to the strings.

I also saw Sandy at the Well Hall Open Theater, London in 1973 (w/ R. Thompson) which I taped from the audiance. I was a very good, if short show. Sandy is my favorite singer and I enjoy her writing also.
From: Michael A. Bonifazi, 28 March 1998

Perhaps this sounds far-fetched, but more and more I wonder if Sandy Denny ever had the opportunity of meeting and/or collaborating on songs with Donovan P. Leitch - the '1960's hippy, mellow-yellow, flower-child? I know for a fact both artists recorded with Led Zeppelin, and both artists recorded a song called: "Ramblin' Boy."

I am not sure if the song, "Ramblin' Boy" is the same song recorded by both Sandy Denny and Donovan though. Does anyone know for sure? Donovan recorded this song on his debut album, "What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid". John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) arranged the song "Mellow Yellow.", and Jimmy Page also recorded with Donovan on "Museum" and "Sunshine Superman."

Did Sandy Denny ever meet Donovan? Knowing these facts regarding both Sandy Denny and Donovan it would seem likely. Similar facts regarding these two artists really makes me wonder!
From: Brent Burhans, 14 July 1998

I'm confused about that the LP version of "The Original Sandy Denny". I've seen references to "B&C Crest28" and "Mooncrest", are these the same? Was it released in 1978, was it titled simply "Sandy Denny"?

The 1978 LP was called "The Original Sandy Denny" and had "Crest 28" as it's catalogue number. However the label is "Mooncrest" and the sleeve gives "B & C Recordings Ltd." along with the label address. I have two copies, both identical except the front cover background is white on one and grey on the other.

Does aanyone have a track listing for the 1970 Saga 8153 "Sandy Denny" LP? I think this has nine of ten songs on "The Original Sandy Denny".

The missing track is 'My Ramblin' Boy'. Isn't the version of 'Been On The Road So Long' on "The Original Sandy Denny" different than the one on the Saga album?

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