Man of Iron, Folk Routes

From: Tron Eivin Ovrebo, 31 December 1997

Cd's with celtic folk music are hard to find in my hometown, so I either buy them in Oslo or by postorder/ Internet. To find new (for me) artist and cd's I often buy collections. Folk Heritage i , ii & iii, Folk Heartbeat, British folk rock and so on. This have introduced me to a lot of fine music, June Tabor, Lick the Tins, Martin Carthy, and many more. The last one I bought was Folk Routes ( Island 74321 22504 2 )

The back sleeves has a picture of the "Spinning Disc Record Studio" with the sleeves of the albums where the tracks are collected from, in the front window, and a Sandy poster on the door, advertising her concert at the New Theatre Oxford Thurs 17th November 197?.

The CD includes Fotheringay's "Peace in the end" and two songs by Sandy: "It Suits Me Well" and "Man of Iron".

The first one is from "Sandy", with the following text on the sleeve: "Comparisons with Kirsty MacColl are entirely justified and worthy." Is this true? Can anyone who know MacColl's album recommend anyone to me.

"Man of Iron" has the following text on the sleeve: "In a callous ruse to attack as many buyers as possible, Sandy Denny's hardest to get single "Man of Iron" is released here on CD for the first time. It was arranged and conducted by Don Fraser and was released in the summer of '72 simultaneously with her "official" single "Listen,Listen" as an EP. It was recorded in Island's Basing street Studios for the film "The pass of arms".

According to the database on Sandy's homepage, this song is also on Attic Tracks vol.1 (cassette., poor quality) and "Dark the Night" (Nixed 006). Are all these the same version?

From: John Penhallow, 2 January 1998

According to the database on Sandy's homepage, this song is also on Attic Tracks 1 and "Dark the Night" (Nixed 006), are all these the same version?

Yes, and while AT1 has been withdrawn due to old age and the best tracks are on the AT CD however if you are that desperate to hear Sandy's "4 Season's Suite" and the choral version of "All our Days" as well as her singing with Charlie Drake (!) then list members can feel free to contact Liz...

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