Happy Birthday to Georgia

From: Willem Doornkamp, 13 July 1997

Here's my birthday wish to Georgia: Dear Georgia, A very happy birthday to you! I saw your father and mother in real life 22 years ago and it clearly showed beyond any doubt that they really loved each other very much. I still remember feeling happy when your birth was announced in the music press. Now, twenty years later, I felt the same excitement all over again when John announced the birth of your two lovely daughters. Perhaps I'll live to see the day your grandchildren are born. May you have a happy and fulfilling life.

From: Pam Winters, 14 July 1997

I hope I'm not too late! I was away all weekend. Georgia: Welcome to your 20s! It's a marvelous decade--far better than the teens, no matter what all those cheesy old pop songs say. What a great life you have ahead of you! And as happy as everyone is about your beautiful new daughters, make sure you get some special birthday time for yourself. Take a few minutes, bask in love, play a favorite tune or two. Go forth and have fun

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