Fairport Convention, "Amazing Grace Tour", Chicago 1975

From: Matt Gogola, 5 Jan. 1998

Two interesting bits of information about this. There are actually two shows, one early and one late. The early concert, while not fantastic, is much better than the late show. It is the only FC concert tape I have from this era which contains a version of " Tam Lin. Although I am a devoted Sandy & Fairport fan, I must admit that the late show is horrible. The band is obviously very drunk. So much so, that they have to stop in the middle of "One More Chance" and start over. Secondly, while record hunting on the North Side of Chicago, I happened to meet the person who organized the Fairport concerts in Chicago. He claims that Sandy invited him back stage to drink with her between shows. He seemed pretty impressed with the amount of alcohol she was able to consume. When I speculated that if she had lived, she might have been better than Richard Thompson is today, his only response was, "I dono, she was a hard drinking woman".

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